I have now spent over 15 years in this part of the world and I have built up a unique experience of liaising with clients who live their lives on both sides of the Gibraltar/Spain border and who are multi banked accordingly so.  More often than not time is spent in third and fourth countries also, all the while adhering to the number of days permitted in each country according to their residential tax regimes.

It is recognised that the majority of my HNWIs find the move over to Gibraltar (& Spain) a little stressful for the following reasons;


  • No time to find out who the best Bank to bank with is, according to their needs

  • No time to find out which Professionals to use (i.e. Accountants/Lawyers etc )

  • Don’t speak the language (Spanish side of the border)

  • Don’t have time to complete bank application forms / take payment instructions to the bank etc

  • Fed up of having to produce new and up to date due diligence time and time again

  • Fed up with source of fund requests from the bank

  • Find customer service skills ‘testing’ in this part of the world

  • Tired of queuing


The list can be endless when you move Countries...


More often than not, my HNWIs will have their own full time PA in the UK or wherever they have moved over from. I am here to assist as a ‘Private PA’...for your local banking and lifestyle requirements in the short or long term- the choice is yours.


Please read on for a list of my services...

Welcome to Gibraltar


Relocation assistance.


Moving countries can seem quite daunting and the PPA can make this a painless experience for you and your family.


Please contact me for further information.



Where the PPA is your principal PA and even more flexibility/hours are required - to be established and mutually agreed after our first 3 month review.

Annual/Monthly fee to be discussed and agreed.



Home from home- this priceless service will give you additional free time on your hands, essential to the busy HNWI lifestyle.  I can work in liaison with your home based full time PA to help things run smoother whilst you are away/overseas.

At our initial meeting I will conduct a Fact Find with you to establish and agree principal requirements.

We will have a 3 month review- should your requirements have increased or altered, we can discuss the alternative Platinum Service as an option for you.


A Little Helping Hand


For clients who do not need a full PA Service but rather a little additional help on a monthly basis to help organise/free up some of their time. 


We will have a 3 month review- should your requirements have increased or altered, we can discuss the alternative Gold Service as an option for you should you require more PA hours.


Key Keeper


A Key holder service; frequent checks on your property whilst you are travelling, offering you peace of mind. PPA will also pick up your post at your request, scan and email important correspondence to you.



Corporate Services


PPA Services are able to assist Corporate entities with various time consuming tasks and projects (i.e. EU Funding projects/business lending proposals/organising your office...).


Cost effective Secretarial/administrative assistance to enable your company to grow.